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Why Is There A "Little Nest" On a Pu-erh Tea Cake?

Have you ever considered why is there a "little nest" on a Pu-erh tea cake? During the process of making Pu-erh tea, the loose tea leaves are steamed in a steaming barrel and then put into a special cloth bag. The bag is then kneaded and shaped, and finally pressed into a cake using a machine or a stone mill. The little nest is formed where the cloth bag is tied closed. This traditional technique has been used for a long time and has become an important characteristic of Pu-erh tea cakes. Although the little nest on the Pu-erh tea...

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How to brew Pu'er tea?

How to brew Pu'er cakes using gaiwan A Gaiwan or Gong Fu style steeping can be an amazing way to explore the flavor of Pu'er tea. Brewing a Pu'er cake in a gaiwan over multiple steepings allows you to experience the flavor at different stages in the extraction process. Starting with a light flavor and cup color, then developing into a dark and rich experience, watch how the tea evolves and until it reaches its full extraction. To brew the raw or ripe Pu-erh Cakes / Bricks, follow the instructions below. Step 1: Pry Pu'er tea cake or brick using Pu'er knife Put the cake on...

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