Cspuerh Tea Reviewer Program

At Cspuerh (Chen Sheng Hao), we believe that tea is more than just a beverage—it's a journey of discovery, sharing, and tranquility. Pu'er tea, with its rich heritage and complex flavor profiles, offers a unique canvas for personal expression and connection. This is why we've created a program that opens the world of tea to everyone, no matter your level of experience. If you love tea and are eager to share your journey, you are the perfect candidate to join us.

Program Overview

The Cspuerh Tea Reviewer Program invites you to deepen your connection with tea and share your experiences with a global community. We believe that everyone has the potential to be a tea specialist, provided they are willing to explore the nuances of Pu'er tea and share their insights. This program is designed to cultivate a community of tea lovers who appreciate the finer details of tea tasting and the peace it brings.

How You Participate

  1. Engage and Share: Register for the program and become part of a worldwide community of tea enthusiasts. You are encouraged to share your tea experiences, whether through social media, blogs, or even casual conversations.
  2. Quarterly Tea Exploration: Receive a $20-$50 gift card (Valid for 2 months; value varies based on your tea experience) every quarter to select and enjoy tea samples from our collection. Dive into the flavors and stories of each tea, and document your journey.
  3. Document Your Experience: Whether in text, images, or videos, capture your tea moments and tasting notes in a way that reflects your personal style and insights.
  4. (Required) Submit Your Creations: Send your text, images, or videos to us at admin@cspuerh.com. We eagerly await your contributions and look forward to featuring them in our community spaces. We may use your creations on our website, in our product descriptions, or share them on our social media. 
  5. Spread the Word: Use your platform to share your thoughts and feelings about the teas. Connect with others by expressing what each sip brings to your mind and soul—whether it's peace, nostalgia, or a sense of belonging.

Basic Requirements

  1. Active Social Media Presence: You must regularly share your tea experiences on at least one media platform that has over 1,000 followers. This is not a hard requirement; we will review each application case by case.
  2. Passion for Tea Exploration: You should have a genuine love for discovering new teas and a keen interest in the rich cultural heritage that surrounds tea. Your enthusiasm for learning about and experiencing different teas will be central to your role as a tea reviewer.

Why Join Us?

  • Celebrate Tea as a Shared Experience: Tea is about connection—both to our inner selves and to each other. Through sharing, we enrich our own experiences and those of others.
  • Find Your Inner Peace: Engage in a practice that calms the mind and soothes the soul. Each cup of tea is a moment of peace, an invitation to pause and reflect.
  • Grow as a Tea Specialist: Develop your palate and understanding of Pu'er tea's deep cultural roots, and become a beacon of knowledge in the tea community.

Join the Journey

Are you ready to explore the depths of Pu'er tea and share your discoveries? Sign up below for the Cspuerh Tea Specialist Program today and start your journey of taste, tranquility, and connection. We will review your qualifications and provide additional instructions if you are qualified. 

Cspuerh Tea Reviewer Program

Sign up for Cspuerh Tea Reviewer Program. Please send us any of your social media accounts for verification purposes. Leave a message to introduce yourself and your story with tea.

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