The 2020 "Lao Ban Zhang" Tea King Returns and Officially Launched

At the beginning of 2008, in order to develop, protect, and utilize the high-quality ancient tree tea resources in Lao Ban Zhang Village. Chensheng Tea Co., Ltd signed a cooperation agreement with most of the tea farmers in Lao Ban Zhang Village to purchase the local Pu'er tea raw materials for thirty years. Chensheng Tea Co., Ltd also invested several million yuan to establish a Pu'er tea raw material pre-production factory in Lao Banzhang Village.

Chensheng Tea Co., Ltd and Lao Ban Zhang Village have a close cooperation model of "Company + Base + Farmers". Farmers in Lao Ban Zhang and Chensheng Tea Co., Ltd work together to create the Lao Ban Zhang tea brand and lead the development of the modern Pu'er tea industry. This move has been widely praised both inside and outside the tea industry.

Since the initial cooperation with farmers, the "Lao Ban Zhang" products are well-known in the world for their authentic taste and superior quality. They have received numerous awards and even become a benchmark for many people in the industry to judge Lao Ban Zhang tea. ChenShengHao's "Lao Ban Zhang" won the "Tea King Award" of the Menghai County Tea King Festival Tea Competition. 

Small size with huge potential

In 2016, when the spring tea came into the market. ChenShengHao's "Lao Ban Zhang" swept with the breath of spring, shocked the market with a brand-new, compact cake shape weight for 125 grams.

The smaller specifications focus on the idea of "good tea is about drinking and sharing", which embodies ChenShengHao's concept of "drinking new tea is a kind of enjoyment, collecting tea is a hobby", and advocates everyone to drink new tea and enjoy the fresh taste; secondly, the 125g Lao Ban Zhang adheres to ChenShengHao's belief in "making good tea for the world, making good tea for those who love tea", reducing the specifications to lower the price of single products, letting more tea lovers drank the authentic Lao Ban Zhang.

The value of "Lao Ban Zhang"

Lao Ban Zhang Village is located in BuLang township, the only BuLang ethnic township in China, and is a HaNi village. The ecological environment is excellent, the ancient tea garden and the forest grow together, and the ancient tea trees stand tall and strong. After hundreds of years of baptism, they are still alive and well, showing the world's first king style of Pu'er tea leaves.

There is a great saying in the tea world that "Ban Zhang is the king, Yi Wu is the queen", which shows that the Lao Ban Zhang Pu'er tea has the supreme status in the hearts of the tea people. Its tea colour, aroma, taste and shape are of excellent quality. ChenShengHao's "Lao Ban Zhang" is made of ancient tea trees from the first spring of the Lao Ban Zhang base. It has an authentic taste and flavour, which has widely appreciated by the world's tea people.


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