2020, Yuan Meng (圆梦) Raw Pu'er, Officially launched

Among all the products from ChenShengHao. There is a distinctive series, which impresses tea lovers in the world: The ChenShengHao's spring tea cake.

Back in the spring of 2016. ChenShengHao's "Han Qing" came to the market. In just two months, the price of each tea cake raised by 200 yuan in the market because of the high demand for the product. After that, it became a popular product of the year.

"Han Qing" opened the prelude of ChenShengHao's spring tea cake. Afterward, Qing Yun in 2017, Yun Yue in 2018, Yue Yuan in 2019, and Yuan Meng in 2020. As the name suggests, they are connected end to end, like a beautiful product line that runs through time.

2020 is a difficult year for everyone. The outbreak at the beginning of the year made the winter extremely cold. It is gratifying that as the spring blooms, the epidemic reliefs, and the suspended life restarts, restoring the vitality of the past.

As we know, the whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring. The harder the moment, the more effort is needed. The first sprint tea cake in 2020 from ChenShengHao is named "Yuan Meng (A Dream)", and the cultural meaning is "As spring blossoms, it's time for dreams to come true". We encourage everyone to work hard to achieve the dream of life. 

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