2020, Na Ka (那卡) Raw Pu'er, Official launched!

Tea is a magical leaf. The documentary "Chinese Plants Affecting the World" says: "Tea is appreciated by the world, has a long history, brings economic development, and provoking turbulent wars until it becomes part of the human spirit."

Mr. Su Dongpo, a writer in the Song Dynasty, felt that "tea is like a beautiful woman", tea can be personified and spiritual. If we give different tastes of tea to personality, then the Lao Ban Zhang is like an incomparable king, and the Na Ka is like a beautiful woman, which makes people unable to refuse.

Chen Sheng Hao Na Ka series, originating from 2013, produced on a yearly basis. This year is the eighth year since the beginning.

Naka is a Lahu village in Mengsong Township, Menghai District, Yunnan province. It is located in the mountain that is more than 1600 meters above sea level.

On December 28, 2012, Chensheng Tea Co., Ltd signed an agreement with Na Ka village. In the next 30 years, Na Ka village and Chensheng Tea Co., Ltd will work together to develop high-quality tea in Naka. For eight years of cooperation, ChenShengHao's "Naka" has a pure taste, known throughout the country and becomes a classic product.

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