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"Nan Nuo" is the meaning of bamboo shoots sauce in Dai language. The Nan Nuo Mountain was juridic by the chieftain of “Che Li Xuan Wei” (Che Li Military and Civilian Administration) before the period of the Republic of China. It is said that the chieftain of Dai was feasted by the headman of Hani Minority when he inspected Nan Nuo Mountain. At the banquet, the chief man liked the bamboo shoots sauce very much. So it was sent to “Che Li Xuan Wei” as tribute every year. Meanwhile, Nan Nuo Mountain was named.

Ban Po Lao Zhai is the largest village that has the best conservation for the traditional tea of Nan Nuo Mountain. The 800-year-old "King of Ancient Tea Tree", renowned all over the world is in here.

On March 18, 2011, Chen Sheng Hao signed a 50-year cooperation agreement with Ban Po Lao Zhai. Since then, the village and Chen Sheng Hao worked together to create a distinctive Nan Nuo Mountain Pu’er tea.

🌳Made with Pure and Single Region Material

Chen Sheng Hao has established a tea-producing base in Ban Po Lao Zhai. Nan Nuo Series raw Pu'er tea is selected large-leaf subspecies trees with an age of 200 years. Since 2006, the products of Nannuo Series have released 7 versions of “Nan Nuo” raw Pu’er tea made with pure and single region materials.

🌱Green Food & Organic Certifications

Organic and Green Food Certifications are the two authoritative guarantees for the product quality of "Nan Nuo Da Shu”. The Ban Po Lao Zhai ancient tea garden that Chen Sheng cooperates with is all implemented green, ecological, and pollution-free management. As early as 2017, it passed the annual strict and demanding organic certification of the authoritative organization.

🍵Tasting experience of our customers

1st Steep: The tip of the tongue quickly overflows with small bubbles with sweetness and a full of aroma
2nd Steep: Bitter tastes but disappeared quickly. The tongue coating has a bit of astringency but comes back with refreshing sweetness
3rd Steep: Bitterness on the tip of the tongue, astringency in the throat. When the astringency dissolves, “Cha Qi” fills the throat
4th Steep: Slightly astringent, no bitterness, the entire mouth is full of “Cha Qi”
5th Steep: Sweet taste appear, the tea soup glides over the tongue like silk
6th Steep: It tastes smooth and sweet with the refreshing sensation of ice spring water, slightly astringent
7th Steep: The tea soup has a woody aroma with a sweet taste

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