Tea Party Games

Selecting the right games, understanding your audience, and preparing the game area are crucial to making any tea party an enjoyable event.

Choosing the Right Games

Your tea party games should be compatible with the theme and formality of your event. Consider classic games like Tea Bag Toss or Pass the Teacup which can be both elegant and inviting. Prefer activities that:

  • Encourage interaction
  • Are easy to explain and understand
  • Fit within the time constraints of the party

Understanding the Audience

Age and interests of your guests dictate game choice. For adults, you might opt for tea-related trivia or polite conversation games. Kids enjoy more active games, such as Tea Party Bingo or Pin the Hat on the Teapot. Ensure games:

  • Are age-appropriate
  • Cater to the guests' interests
  • Are inclusive and engaging for all attendees

Setting Up the Game Area

The space for games needs to be clear and accessible. Arrange tables and chairs to allow for free movement. For an outdoor setting, use blankets and picnic setups. Your area setup should:

  • Be spacious and safe
  • Have all necessary game materials
  • Include seating options for comfort and accessibility

Classic Tea Party Games

Engage your guests with timeless activities that amplify the charm of your tea party.

Tea Bag Toss

In Tea Bag Toss, you'll aim to throw tea bags into a teapot or cups from a distance. For scoring:

  • Teapot: 3 points
  • Cup: 1 point

Set up a line to stand behind and give each player three chances to toss the tea bags.

Pass the Teacup

Pass the Teacup is a musical game where you pass a teacup around a table to music. When the music stops, the person holding the cup is out. Continue until one player remains. The key is to:

  • Start the music.
  • Pass the cup quickly.
  • Stop the music at random intervals.

Teacup Relay

Form two teams for the Teacup Relay. Each team races to fill a teapot with water using only teacups. To win:

  • Fill the teapot to the brim first.
  • Run back and forth without spilling too much water.

Each player carries a cup of water to the pot, then returns to tag the next player.

Creative Tea Party Games

Guests play musical chairs at a colorful tea party. Tables are adorned with vintage teacups and saucers. Laughter fills the air

To make your tea party memorable, incorporate games that are engaging and themed appropriately. These games will provide entertainment and help break the ice among guests.

Tea Leaf Pictionary

Materials: Assorted tea leaves, paper, pens.

How to Play: Use tea leaves to draw clues on paper. Each participant takes turns drawing while others guess the drawn tea-related term or phrase. Points are awarded for correct guesses.

Tea Party Bingo

Materials: Customized bingo cards, markers.


  • Create bingo cards with images or terms related to tea (e.g., teapot, Earl Grey, scones).
  • Distribute cards and markers to players.

How to Play:

  1. Call out terms or show images.
  2. Participants mark their cards if they have a match.
  3. The first to complete a line shouts "Bingo!" to win.

Design a Tea Hat Contest

Materials: Various crafting supplies like ribbons, faux flowers, glue.


  1. Provide guests with plain hats and access to the supplies.
  2. Set a time limit for hat designing.
  3. Judge creations based on creativity, relevance to the tea theme, and craftsmanship. Award a prize to the best hat.

Interactive Tea Party Games

Interactive games enhance your tea party by creating a lively and engaging atmosphere. Here are some games that are both entertaining and easy to set up.

Musical Chairs – Tea Party Edition

How to Play:

  1. Arrange a set of chairs in a circle, one fewer than the number of guests.
  2. Play classical or themed tea party music.
  3. Guests walk around the chairs until the music stops.
  4. When the music halts, everyone must quickly find a chair to sit in.
  5. Remove one chair after each round, and the last person seated wins.


  • Use cushions or decorated chairs to fit the tea party theme.
  • For added fun, have guests hold a teaspoon with a sugar cube while circling the chairs.

Teapot Art & Memory Game


  • Place various teapots around the party area, each distinctly decorated.
  • Provide paper and pencils for each participant.

How to Play:

  1. Allow guests time to observe all the teapots.
  2. After viewing, ask your guests to move to a separate area without a view of the teapots.
  3. Challenge them to draw as many teapots and their decorations from memory.
  4. Whoever accurately remembers the most details wins.

Sugar Cube Stacking Race

Objective: Stack as many sugar cubes as possible within a time limit without the stack falling over.


  • Give each participant an equal number of sugar cubes.
  • Set a timer for one to two minutes.

How to Win:

  • When the time is up, the participant with the tallest standing stack wins.
  • In the event of a tie, the speed at which the stack was completed can be used as a tiebreaker.

Tea Party Games for Children

Hosting a tea party for children can be made even more delightful with games specifically designed for the occasion. These games are tailored to foster engagement and ensure a memorable tea party experience.

Pin the Tail on the Teapot

In this classic twist, you'll replace the donkey with a teapot poster. The goal is simple: blindfolded, each child takes a turn to pin the tail on the teapot. To prepare, you’ll need:

  • A large poster of a teapot
  • A 'tail' with adhesive
  • A blindfold


  1. Hang the poster at child height.
  2. Blindfold a player, spin them gently.
  3. Guide them towards the poster to pin the tail.

Tip: Award stickers for participation to make everyone feel like winners.

Teacup Treasure Hunt

This game transforms the traditional treasure hunt to fit the tea party theme. Hide 'treasures' in the form of teabag packets, small toys, or candies around the party area.

  • Materials: Assorted teacup-sized treasures
  • Setup: Scatter the treasures in the designated area before the party begins.


  • Give each child a list or picture clues.
  • The first to find all items, or the most within a time limit, wins.

Hot Teapot (A Variation of Hot Potato)

Instead of a potato, use a small teapot or a teabag to pass around. Play whimsical music related to tea time as the children pass the 'hot teapot' around the circle.


  • A small teapot or clean teabag
  • Music and a music player

How to Play:

  • Children sit in a circle.
  • When the music starts, begin passing the teapot.
  • When the music stops, the one holding it is 'out'.
  • Continue until one child remains.

Quiet Tea Party Games

A table set with tea cups, saucers, and a stack of playing cards. A small vase of flowers sits in the center, and a gentle breeze rustles the lace tablecloth

The beauty of quiet tea party games lies in their ability to bring a touch of sophistication and calm interaction to your gathering. Such games enhance the serene atmosphere of a tea party, allowing for gentle engagement among guests without disturbing the tranquil setting.

Tea Tasting Challenge

In the Tea Tasting Challenge, you will test your palate and try to identify various tea blends. Prepare a selection of teas with distinct flavors and offer them in small cups. Guests will then note their guesses on a piece of paper. A simple table like the following will help keep track:

Cup Number Tea Guess Correct Answer

The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize, perhaps a special blend of tea.

Tea Party Trivia

Tea Party Trivia is a game where your knowledge of tea is tested. Prepare a list of trivia questions related to the history of tea, brewing techniques, and famous tea types. You can opt for a multiple-choice format to make answering easier. Use bullet points to list the options for the answer, such as:

  • A) Black tea
  • B) Green tea
  • C) Oolong tea

Guests quietly contemplate and jot down their answers on a trivia card or notebook.

Guess the Tea Aroma

In Guess the Tea Aroma, you'll use your sense of smell to identify the type of tea solely by its fragrance. Present various teas hidden from sight in opaque containers with small openings for smelling. Each guest takes a turn whispering their guesses to the host. Consider rewarding the participant who accurately identifies the most scents with a beautifully crafted tea cozy or a selection of aromatic teas.

Printable Tea Party Games

A table set with teacups, saucers, and a variety of tea flavors. A stack of colorful game cards and a small basket of prizes sit in the center

Printable games are a fantastic way to add excitement to your tea party. They're hassle-free, easy to distribute, and provide a multitude of fun options for guests of all ages.

Tea Party Word Search

For word search enthusiasts, create a puzzle with a list of tea-related terms for your guests to find. Set up the word search grid with common tea varieties and teaware, like Earl Grey, Oolong, Teapot, Infuser, and Strainer. Ensure there is a diverse range of difficulty in the words selected to challenge both adults and children alike.

Tea Party Crossword

Crosswords are a timeless classic, and crafting one around the tea theme is both engaging and educational. A straightforward 5x5 or 7x7 grid works well for a tea party. Clues can include descriptions of different kinds of teas, tea-producing countries, and famous tea-time snacks. For example, "The country known as the origin of tea" would be China.

Print & Play Tea Party Mazes

Is there a better way to 'find your way to tea' than through a maze? Design a series of mazes where the goal is to reach the teapot in the center. Offer a variety of mazes, from simple ones for young children to more intricate patterns for those who enjoy a challenge. You can make these mazes thematic, resembling tea leaves or tea cups when looked at from above.

Adapting Games for a Tea Party

When hosting a tea party, it's essential to modify classic games to fit the elegant and whimsical theme of the event.

Charades with a Tea Theme

Transform the traditional game of Charades by incorporating words and phrases that are related to tea. You'll need a timer and slips of paper.

  • Prepare: Write down tea-related terms (e.g., "Earl Grey," "teapot," "scone") on slips of paper.
  • Play: Guests act out the tea-themed prompts while others guess within a set time limit.

Tea-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Create an exciting scavenger hunt with clues hidden around your tea party venue. The clue and prize items should connect with the tea theme.

  1. Clue Design: Use riddles or puzzles that relate to various kinds of teas, tea accessories, or famous tea quotes.
  2. Prize Ideas: Consider small tea samples, miniature teacups, or tea-flavored candies as rewards.

Tea Party Themed Twister

Add sophistication to the game of Twister by customizing the mat and spinner to your tea party theme.

  • Twister Mat: Replace the colored dots with pictures of teapots, teacups, spoons, and lemon slices.
  • Gameplay Adaptation: Call out the items instead of colors when spinning for moves.

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