2024 Ban Zhang Village Spring Tea Harvest Festival

Amidst the vibrant spring sunshine and the fresh green of the tea mountains, the secret landscapes of Bulang Mountain Township in Southern Yunnan have awakened with the sprouting of spring tea in Ban Zhang Village, heralding the start of the tea-picking season. 

On the morning of March 31st, 2024 under the guidance of the local government and hosted by the Ban Zhang Village Committee & Ban Zhang Industry Development Co., Ltd., alongside the co-organization of Chen Sheng Tea Industry and five village groups under Ban Zhang Village, the 2024 "Spring Painting Menghai · Sharing the Fragrance of Tea—Ban Zhang Ancient Tea Mountain Spring Tea Harvest Festival" was grandly held at the Chen Sheng Hao's Lao Ban Zhang base. 


The festival was a vibrant showcase of culture and joy, with villagers from the Hani (Lao Ban Zhang, Xin Ban Zhang), Lahu (Ba Ka Long, Ba Ka Qin), and Bulang (Lao Man E) ethnic groups donning festive attire, singing, and dancing, warmly welcoming guests from various sectors.


A Gathering of Esteemed Guests

Tea, being an integral part of China's traditional culture, has firmly rooted itself in the daily lives of people over thousands of years. Each spring, tea harvesting festivals bloom across the country, with the Ban Zhang Ancient Tea Mountain Spring Tea Harvest Festival bringing together a formidable coalition of government, tea associations, enterprises, tea farmers, merchants, and media, showcasing its extraordinary influence.


Building Bridges with Tradition and Modernity

Bulang Mountain Township, the unique home of the Bulang ethnic group in China, encompasses seven administrative villages and 63 village groups. Ban Zhang Village is one of these, known collectively with its five village groups as the "Five Villages of Ban Zhang," celebrated within the tea community.

This festival not only honored the traditional spring tea harvesting ceremonies of Yunnan's ethnic minorities but also highlighted the global influence of the Ban Zhang tea brand, marking it as one of the annual heavy-hitter events in China's tea industry.

Following the launch ceremony, leaders and guests visited the nearby Lao Ban Zhang ancient tea garden for the 2024 spring tea picking, broadcasted live to the main venue's big screen, including the tea-making process.


A Legacy of Quality and Cooperation

In 2006, Mr. Chen Shenghe, drawn by the exquisite quality of Lao Ban Zhang tea, founded Chen Sheng Tea in Menghai County. Through cooperation with Lao Ban Zhang Village, a legendary "Tea King" story was born, enduring over a decade and continuing to sing throughout the ancient tea mountains.

The festival also saw the signing of spring tea purchase agreements between five enterprises, including Chen Sheng Tea, and the "Five Villages of Ban Zhang," further cementing the collaborative spirit and aiming for greater heights in tea production, culture, and reception, with plans to rebuild the Lao Ban Zhang initial processing demonstration base.


A Joyful Conclusion to a Memorable Festival

The "Ban Zhang Village Spring Tea Harvest Festival" concluded on a high note, with a warm and lively farewell dinner for national franchaisers by Chen Sheng Hao, marking a successful end to the event and embodying the spirit of "Unity and Joint Success."

This year's festival not only celebrated the rich tea culture and history of the Ban Zhang area but also showcased the unity and collaborative efforts between local government, tea associations, enterprises, and the community, promising a bright future for the tea industry in this cherished region.

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