2020 ChenShengHao Xiang Gao Raw Pu'er

Mankind's pursuit of fragrance seems to be an instinct. In ancient times, human ancestors searched for food based on the source of the aroma. Ancient Chinese women had the habit of wearing sachets, writers and poets in China loved the art of incense, especially during the Tang Dynasty.

The fragrance is pleasant, giving people an enjoyable feeling of smell and spirit. We usually describe it with beautiful words such as refreshing, enlivening, and energizing.

The flavour of tea can be divided into two categories: taste (non-volatile compounds) and aroma (volatile compounds). All of these aroma molecules are generated from carotenoids, lipids, glycosides, etc.

The amount and quality of aroma in tea are mainly affected by the type of tea and the way of making tea.

The aroma of Pu'er tea is natural, precious and fascinating. For a long time, ChenShengHao has distinguished Pu'er tea with four types of taste: "strong aroma (香高), heavy taste (气足), mellow (底厚), taste last longer (韵深)", which is convenient for consumers to choose products according to their taste preferences.

In 2020, Chen Sheng created a series of distinctive products under the name of four flavours: "strong aroma (香高), heavy taste (气足), mellow (底厚), taste last longer (韵深)". Now the new product "Xiang Gao (strong aroma)" has been released to the market!


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