2016 People Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Sourcing from Laomane
Pure (Single-Region)
Tea tree over 300 years

“人韵 Ren Yun (People)” is a raw Pu’er tea product in high-end “Charm Collection” made with Xishuangbanna's ancient trees of more than 300 years old.

According to the difference in taste, Chen Sheng Hao divided Da Shu Cha into four types: “strong aromatic, powerful Cha Qi, bitterness, and lingering lasting”. They can be represented as “天 Tian (Heaven), 地Di ( Earth) and 人 Ren (People), 和 He (Harmony)” in this series.

The raw Pu’er tea “People” is a Pu’er tea that is known for its unique bitterness and thick taste. When it comes to the bitterness of tea, many tea experts will to the same place- Lao Man’E.  Lao Man E tea is something in between the extreme bitterness of Jie Liang tea and the bitterness with fast and sweet huigan of Lao Ban Zhang tea.  

It's very infusible going many rounds before losing its powerful taste and aroma. With age, it will become more infusible, more complex, and more aromatic.  The cha qi is all-enveloping. The bitterness of tea is strong but with fast and sweet huigan. It is a tea that allows tea drinkers to experience bitterness and sweetness, just like life.

The naming of each product in this collection is inspired by a Chinese proverb “天时地利人和 Tian Shi, Di Li, Ren He”. A cup of good tea is a result of three elements: Tian Shi 天时 (right time), Di Li 地利 (the right place) and Ren 人 (right people).

“People” are the tea farmers, tea producers, tea brewers, and tea drinkers. Chen Sheng Hao has built a long-term partner relationship with the local tea farmers since 2007.
Our tea maker, whose knowledge, skill and expertise are required to tease out all the flavours and complex characteristics inherent within the tea leaves.
The tea brewer understands the qualities of tea and knows how to perfectly brew and extract the real taste of tea.
Finally, this is the tea drinker, the one who appreciates the depth, flavour and aroma of the tea. The one that appreciates all the hard work and dedication that goes into making a fine cup of tea.

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