2016 Lao Ban Zhang Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Sourcing from Lao Ban Zhang
Pure (Single-Region)
Tea tree over 300 years

In 2016, when the spring tea was on the market, Chen Sheng's Laoban Zhang swept in with the breath of spring, shocking the market with a brand-new, compact cake shape-125g.

Smaller specifications, focusing on the idea of ​​"good tea is about drinking and sharing", also reflects the tea tasting spirit of Chen Shenghe, founder of Chen Sheng Tea Co., Ltd.: drinking new tea is a kind of enjoyment, and collecting tea is a hobby. More tea lovers picked up the tea knife to pry new tea cake; secondly, the 125g Lao Banzhang upholds the belief of the Chen Sheng tea industry: to make affordable fine tea for the people of the world and praised good tea for the tea lovers. Reduce the size of the specifications, lower the price of the single product, and let more tea lovers drink the real Lao Ban Zhang.

The greater energy originated from the national rain and snow disaster in late January 2016. In that winter, the tea trees entered a long-dormant period of the year. The frost and freezing affected the ancient tea trees to a certain extent, but at the same time they accumulated more energy that was fully radiated on the occasion of the 2016 spring tea, and the harmony of climate, geography, and human relationship helped to achieve the ultimate charm of the super cost-effective 2016 Chen Sheng Lao Ban Zhang.

In the spring tea season of this year, the expansion of the Lao Ban Zhang base of Chen Sheng Tea Co., Ltd. was completed. With the consistent high-standard and environmentally-friendly tea concept of "Quality First, Hygiene First", we strive for excellence in the initial production of Lao Ban Zhang tea. The strips of the tea leaves are more fat and slender on the original basis.

The 2016 Chen Sheng Lao Ban Zhang, through strict and demanding kneading and tidying. The unique processing technology, super high value, and elegant packaging are the outstanding highlights of Chen Sheng Lao Ban Zhang. 

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