2015 Heaven Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Sourcing from Naka
Pure (Single-Region)
Tea tree over 300 years

“天韵 Tian Yun (Heaven)”, the high-end version of “Na Ka”, is a premium raw Pu’er tea product in “Charm Collection” made with Na Ka’s ancient trees of 300 to 500 years old. Strong-aromatic is the biggest feature of “Heaven”. This tea is full of energy, integrating freshness, high aroma, and sweetness.

Based on the difference in tastes, Chen Sheng Hao divided Da Shu Cha into four types: “strong aromatic, powerful Cha Qi, bitterness, and lingering lasting”, which can be represented as “天 Tian (Heaven), 地Di ( Earth) and 人 Ren (People), 和 He (Harmony)” in this series.

Naka is an area that is famed for its ancient tea trees which annually command huge prices and is an area of great reputation in tea conversations. In 2012, Chen Sheng Tea Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Naka Village to jointly develop high-quality Da Shu Cha resources.

“Heaven” originated in 2012, selected the finest raw materials from the base of Chen Sheng Hao in Naka village, and continued production every year thereafter. In 2016 and 2017, Chen Sheng Hao produced a “Charm Collection” for four Pu’er tea, “天 Tian (Heaven), 地Di ( Earth) and 人 Ren (People), 和 He (Harmony)”. However, only “Heaven” has been continually produced until now.

Why we only continue to produce ”Heaven”? It is because “Charm Collection” used premium grade of the ancient trees as raw materials, however, ancient tree tea resources are scarce and valuable. Therefore, there are extremely limited raw materials to make the “Charm Collection”, and “Earth”, “People”, and “Harmony” has not continued production after 2017. “Heaven” also has very little output, and each franchise store only distributes limited tea cakes.

If "Naka" is the representative Pu'er tea with strong- aromatic, then “Heaven” made with premium quality materials is undoubtedly the most outstanding. The tea has a straightforward, clean, woodsy, plenty of “Hui Gan” and attractive pale-gold colored liquor. “Heaven” gives tea lovers the purest and best taste of Na Ka.

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