2007 Jia Ming Tian Cheng Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Sourcing from Yunnan
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Tea tree over 300 years

"佳茗天成 Jia Ming Tian Cheng" is the first set of Pu’er tea made by Chen Sheng Hao in 2007, which has been aged for more than ten years. The chairman Chen Sheng He relied on decades of tea-making experience and made this superior quality and luxurious Pu’er tea using the ancient tea trees from multiple ancient mountains that he visited in the summer of 2006 as materials. Since premium raw materials were hard to find at the time, only 3,000 sets of this tea were produced.


景迈山珍品 JING MAI

Jingmai Mountain is located on the southwestern border of Yunnan Province, in Huimin Township, Lancang County, bordering Menghai County. Since ancient times, the local minorities are adept at tea planting and making, forming a ten-thousand-acre ancient tea garden and rich minority tea culture today. "Jia Ming Tian Cheng Jingmai Ancient Tea Mountain" is made from selected Jingmai Mountain big tree tea. It has a pleasant aroma, a soft soup quality, a silky soup feeling, and an endless aftertaste.


老班章珍品 Lao Ban Zhang

Lao Ban Zhang Village is located in the vast primitive forest of Bulang Mountain Township, Menghai County, and is world-renowned for producing excellent tea. It can be said to be a household name. "Jia Ming Tian Cheng Lao Banzhang" is made from selected ancient large-leaves tea trees from Lao Ban Zhang Village. It has a rich tea aroma, a full-bodied and sweet flavor, a dominant "chaqi", and a continuous and lasting aged aroma.

勐海大树茶珍品 MENGHAI

Menghai County, located in the southwestern border of Yunnan Province and adjacent to Myanmar, is the world-renowned homeland of "Pu'er Tea" and one of the earliest tea-producing areas in China. It boasts a 1700-year-old wild "Tea Tree King" and a multitude of ancient tea tree groups.

"Menghai" is made from selected ancient large-leaf tea trees within the area of Menghai County. It has a rich aroma, a full-bodied and thick mouth feel, strong taste, strong chaqi, and a deep aftertaste.

老六大茶山珍品 Old Six Tea Mountains

Xishuangbanna, the "Hometown of Pu'er Tea," is home to many famous ancient tea mountains, among which the Old Six Tea Mountains (Youle, Yibang, Manzhuan, Gedeng, and Yiwu) have long been renowned. During the Qing Dynasty, it was the place where tribute tea was collected for the royal family, and it is also the source of the Yunnan-Tibet Tea Horse Ancient Road.

"Old Six Tea Mountains" is made from selected ancient large-leaf trees from the old six tea mountains. It has a high tea aroma, a smooth soup feel, a full-bodied texture, a soft and sweet taste, a charm like aged fine wine, and a refreshing spirit after drinking.

新六大茶山珍品 New Six Tea Mountains

The Lancang River runs vertically through Xishuangbanna, and the old six tea mountains are located on the east bank of the river, long established and famous. Since the 21st century, Pu'er tea has revived and flourished. Some renowned tea culture scholars have praised the western Lancang River's Bada Mountain, Bulang Mountain, and Nannuo Mountain as the new six major tea mountains, promoting them throughout the world.

"New Six Tea Mountains" is carefully made from the materials of the new six major tea mountains' ancient large-leaf tea trees. The aroma is rich, the taste is heavy, and the taste of mountain and wild is intense, after drinking it induces a sweet aftertaste and promotes salivation, the aged charm is profound.


易武茶山珍品 YIWU

Yiwu Ancient Tea Mountain is the largest tea garden among the old six tea mountains, with the highest production. It was once the tea distribution center of the six ancient tea mountains, where merchants gathered and tea shops stood tall, at its peak. After hundreds of years of weathering, the tea industry in today's Yiwu ancient town is still thriving, and the name "seven villages and eight hamlets" remains as prominent as in the past.

"Yiwu" is carefully made from the materials of the Yiwu tea area's ancient large-leaf tea trees. Its aroma is refreshing, the taste is sweet and moist, the soup feeling is as smooth as silk. Drinking this tea is like basking in the spring breeze, making people feel relaxed and happy.

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