Why Is There A "Little Nest" On a Pu-erh Tea Cake?

Have you ever considered why is there a "little nest" on a Pu-erh tea cake?

During the process of making Pu-erh tea, the loose tea leaves are steamed in a steaming barrel and then put into a special cloth bag. The bag is then kneaded and shaped, and finally pressed into a cake using a machine or a stone mill.

The little nest is formed where the cloth bag is tied closed. This traditional technique has been used for a long time and has become an important characteristic of Pu-erh tea cakes.

Although the little nest on the Pu-erh tea cake does not have a special meaning, it plays an important role. During the natural aging process of Pu-erh tea, the little nest allows for air to circulate between the tea cakes, which promotes slow oxidation and aging. Additionally, if it is difficult to pry the tea cake, we can use the little nest as a leverage point to pry.

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