2016 Han Qing Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Sourcing from Yunnan
Blended (Multi-Region)
Tea tree over 300 years

Interpretation of “Han Qing”

①”Han Qing” extended meaning as historical annals, that is, tea products can be passed down from age to age.

②Using Qin Dynasty’s “Unified Transport System” shading, implying that tea products are shocking the past and the present and can be traced back in the future. 

③ Representing the milestone of Chen Sheng Hao's tea making

④ The first Pu’er tea cake of ​​Chen Sheng Hao’s Spring Collection released in 2016

Since the establishment of the brand, Chen Sheng Hao has focused on Da Shu Pu'er tea (large-leaf arbor tree tea). With Chen Sheng Hao’s decades of experience in making tea, we continue to inject innovative tea-making techniques into Yunnan’s tea-producing areas, which have been recognized and promoted by the local government and tea farmers. Chen Sheng Hao takes the promotion of tea culture as own responsibility. We use the implicit meaning of “Han Qing” to pursue leaving an indelible mark in the world of tea.

This series has three highlights.

  1. “Qing Yun” is made with the earliest spring tea leaves of the year picked from Gu Shu/ancient tea trees with over 300 years of age.
  2. The naming method is similar to that of the Hani minority’s "father and son concatenation system", which is the last word of father’s name is the same as the first word of his son’s name.
  3. Each tea has a cultural meaning. 

In winter, the tea tree recuperates and regenerates, and reserves a wealth of nutrients. Therefore, the spring tea leaves are rich in quality, high in aromatic substances and vitamins, and have a fresh taste and strong aroma. The appearance is tight and strong.

In order to bring the most "fresh" taste of the earliest spring to tea lovers, we finished picking fresh leaves to the completion of production in less than one month. Tasting “Qing Yun” is to embrace the spring of Xishuangbanna.

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