2023 Holiday Special Pu'er Tea Sampler

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Sourcing from Yunnan
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Tea tree over 100 years

Embrace the festive spirit with our exclusive Holiday Tea Sampler, a meticulously curated collection of Pu'er tea. This delightful sampler features three distinct varieties, each in a conveniently sized pack, perfect for both connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of tea.

Our selection includes:

  1. Mi Jing Raw Pu'er Tea: A perfect introduction to raw Pu'er, Mi Jing offers a sweet, inviting profile that will appeal to newcomers and delight seasoned tea enthusiasts alike.
  2. Wang Nian Raw Pu'er Tea: Offering a rich, enduring fragrance with a balance of moderate astringency and a strong, sweet aftertaste. Favored by tea masters and enthusiasts.
  3. Chen Pi Ripe Pu'er Tea: A blend of 10-year-aged ripe Pu'er and dried tangerine peel. Suitable for immediate consumption or aging.

Each tea in our Holiday Tea Sampler is carefully selected to offer a unique tasting experience, making it the perfect gift for the holiday season or a splendid treat for yourself. Indulge in the varied flavors and aromas of these exceptional Pu'er teas, and make your holiday celebrations even more memorable.


Unique Shape, Convenient Enjoyment:

These tea cakes are innovatively pressed into a "chocolate-like" shape, making it easy to break and brew. Each piece weighs 7g, which is the perfect amount for a wonderful tea infusion, facilitating a more convenient tea-drinking experience whether you're at home, traveling, or in the office.

MI JING RAW PU'ER TEA (Sweet Profile)

The "Mi Jing" Pu'er Tea, exclusively crafted from specially selected "sweet tea" leaves from large trees. Each waft of its fragrance resembles the sweetness of honey, providing an endless aftertaste that graces your palate.

Boasting a bright green-yellow hue, the tea releases a lasting high fragrance that rejuvenates the spirit. Each sip is refreshingly sweet, leaving a remarkable smooth and sweet aftertaste, bringing you endless enjoyment.


WANG NIAN RAW PU'ER TEA (Strong Profile Faved by Experienced Pu'er Tea Drinkers)

In the grand scheme of life, bonding over tea is a pure delight. Around the tea table, like-minded individuals come together, unconstrained by age or status, forming friendships that transcend time with hearts full of sincerity. In honor of these genuine bonds, we named this tea "Wang Nian" (Friendship Beyond Age), as a tribute to all sincere spirits and true friendships.

This tea boasts a rich and lasting fragrance, with a moderate astringency followed by a strong, sweet aftertaste, a full-bodied taste that is favored by many tea masters and experienced tea enthusiasts alike. It not only adds a splash of elegance to your life but also warms the hearts of you and your friends, standing as a beautiful testament to friendship.



Selected 10-year-aged ripe Pu'er and dried tangerine peel from the core production area of Xinhui, Guangdong. It is ideal for instant drinking or later transformation.

Craftsmen from Chen Sheng Hao have over half a century of tea-making experience. After hundreds of experiments and tastings, they've perfected the ideal blend ratio of citrus peel and mature Pu'er. This tea possesses not only the robust aroma and sweet flavor of the citrus peel but also the gentle and profound taste of mature Pu'er. Both the tangerine peel and Pu'er have undergone ten years of aging, further enriching their flavors.

This tea presents a seductively deep red color, with a fresh aroma paired with a rich aged scent. The honey-sweet taste and mellow mouthfeel provide endless delight. Initially slightly bitter on the palate, it soon unfolds into a thick, rich, and smooth flavor, deeply refreshing and satisfying.

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