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2020 Black Tea Ye Wang Dianhong

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Product Introduction 

“DIAN FENG-Ye Wang" is a high-end black tea under the "Chen Sheng Hong" brand. It selected the fresh leaves of wild "Da Ye Zhong" (large-leaf variety) tea trees over 800 years old at an altitude of over 2,000 meters in Fengqing County. Fresh leaves were plucked from "Dan Zhu", which means “Single Bush” in English, referring to the black tea that is exclusively made of the single and a selected tea tree. "Dan Zhu" is only collected from ancient tea trees aged about a few hundred years old, giving a very distinctive taste and character. 


Select "Dan Zhu" from wild “Da Ye Zhong” ancient tea trees that are more than 800 years old in the core production area of Fengqing

Dried Leaves Appearance

Pitch-black, clean


Pine smoky, longan, caramel, long-lasting


Bright yellow in color


Fruity, brisk, sweet, silky, mouth-filling, quick and long lasting huigan  

Product Details

Dianhong Black Tea
Weight 55g/110g 
Production Year 2020
Harvest Area
Fengqing, Yunnan, China
Tea Factory Menghai Chensheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
Water Ratio Every 5g tea leaves served with 120ml water
Temperature 194°F (90°C)



“巅峰·野望”是凤庆陈升茶业有限责任公司旗下“陈升红”品牌高端红茶产品,精选“滇红之乡”凤庆县2000米海拔的八百年以上野生大叶种茶树鲜叶为原料,单株采摘, 匠心工艺打造. 所谓单株茶,就是从同一棵茶树上采摘下来的茶叶制作而成的茶. 单株茶最大的特征是囗感单一纯粹,因为所泡的茶叶完全来自同一株茶树。 同一株茶树的茶叶要能够制成一饼茶,这棵茶树一定要足够大,茶树龄也一定要足够老,才能够采摘足够多的茶叶,所以,不是随便一棵茶树都可以制作成单株茶的。

原料: 凤庆核心产区八百年以上树龄的野生大叶种古茶树, 单株单采

外形: 色泽黑褐油润,条索肥硕紧实,匀净 

香气: 松烟香、桂圆香、焦糖香、馥郁持久 

茶汤: 橙黄透亮

口感: 清冽、甘甜、绵柔、细腻、回甘生 津迅速持久,喉韵悠长 

叶底: 饱满油润、韧度活性十足、柔嫩度具佳 

Type: Black Tea

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