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2021 Chen Sheng Kong Que Raw Pu-erh Tea

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    The Dai Kingdom regards the peacock as a sacred bird and worships it. “陈升孔雀 Chen Sheng Kong Que” (Peacock) is one of the most exclusive raw Pu-erh tea specially made in 2021. This tea is made with ingenuity. Tea leaves are selected from an ancient tea garden in Xishuangbanna. It has strong and long-lasting aroma, powerful chaqi, and excellent sweet-after-taste.

    Product Details

    Raw Pu'er (Sheng Pu'er)
    Quantity & Shape Tea Cake
    Weight 357g
    Harvest Year 2021
    Tea Source Blended (Multi-Region)
    Age of Tea Trees > 100 years
    Harvest Area
    Yunnan Province, China
    Tea Factory Menghai Chensheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
    Water Ratio Every 7g tea leaves served with 120ml water
    Temperature 203°F  ~ 212°F (95°C ~ 100°C) 


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