A Review of Sixteen Years of Development Between Chen Sheng Hao and Lao Ban Zhang

Deep in the Brown Mountains lies a Hani tribe village, once obscure and forgotten by the world, until the rise of the Pu'er tea industry in the 21st century. Particularly, the precious and rare ancient tree teas have been treasured by tea lovers worldwide. This once-forgotten place, with its rich tea resources, has gained fame globally, bringing transformative changes to the villagers' lives. Today, its renowned name resounds in China's tea circles – Lao Ban Zhang Village.


Over the past decade or so, the transformation of Lao Ban Zhang Village's three generations of village gates has witnessed its development.


Tea is the only resource Lao Ban Zhang Village can rely on for development. Its quality is outstanding, but without a discoverer, its value might have remained hidden, as described in Han Yu's "On the Horse" - it might not have become today's "King of Tea."

Mr. Chen Shenghe is the undisputed discoverer of Lao Ban Zhang tea. In 2008, with the approval of local government authorities, a contract was signed, marking a brilliant chapter in the village's history. Chen Sheng Tea's close cooperation model with Lao Ban Zhang Village, "company + base + farmers," pioneered the development of Pu'er tea.


In 2007, Mr. Chen Shenghe visited Lao Ban Zhang Village to discuss cooperation, starting a legendary story.


In 2008, after receiving local government approval, Chen Sheng Tea signed a 30-year cooperation agreement with Lao Ban Zhang Village, starting a magnificent chapter.


In 2009, a road into Lao Ban Zhang Village, funded by Chen Sheng Tea, was officially opened, and villagers named it "Chen Sheng Lao Ban Zhang Avenue."


In 2010, the third anniversary of the village-enterprise cooperation was successfully celebrated, and the "company + base + farmers" cooperation model began to show results, shining brightly in the south of colorful clouds.


In 2011, the Xishuangbanna Lao Ban Zhang Tea Research Association was established, marking a significant scale and indicating that Lao Ban Zhang tea was moving towards academic research. Villagers tied a Hani tribe's highest ritual "thread tying" to bless Mr. Chen Shenghe.


In 2012, on the fifth anniversary of the cooperation, the whole village of Lao Ban Zhang celebrated with songs and dances, grateful for the life-changing transformations, and presented Mr. Chen Shenghe with a hundred families' tea as a token of gratitude.


In 2013, Chen Sheng Tea invited tea experts for "Green Prevention and Control Technology Training for Tea Garden Pests and Diseases," pursuing a path of scientific and sustainable development.


In 2014, Chen Sheng Tea invited villagers to visit the company's factory area, witnessing corporate development and experiencing the culture of refined Pu'er tea production.


In 2015, on the eighth anniversary of the cooperation, Chen Sheng Tea and the villagers of Lao Ban Zhang Village gathered to celebrate their development and deepening village-enterprise friendship.


In 2016, the third-generation village gate, conceived by the Hani people and built by Chen Sheng, was completed, majestic and iconic, witnessing the fruits of the village-enterprise cooperation and becoming a symbolic check-in point for Lao Ban Zhang Village.


In 2017, at the tenth-anniversary celebration of Chen Sheng Tea, the villagers presented Mr. Chen with a hundred families' tea, commemorating their shared development and setting sail for a century-long dream.


In 2018, a meeting was held to mark the tenth anniversary of the village-enterprise cooperation, summarizing developmental experiences and embarking on a new journey of brilliance.


In 2019, the "Chen Sheng Lao Ban Zhang" product, with its exceptional quality and market reputation, was honored as one of Yunnan Province's "Top 10 Famous Teas."


In 2020, "Chen Sheng Lao Ban Zhang · Premium" made a strong appearance on six core channels including CCTV-1, born for elegance.


In 2021, "Chen Sheng Lao Ban Zhang" participated in the China International Consumer Products Expo, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Hainan Province.


In 2022, marking the fifteenth year of village-enterprise cooperation, Lao Ban Zhang Village presented the first fresh leaves picked from the "Number Two Tea King Tree" to Mr. Chen Shenghe, the chairman, and Mr. Chen Liubin, the general manager, as a tribute to their leadership in prosperity.


In 2023, over 500 franchisers of Chen Sheng Hao visited the Lao Ban Zhang base, welcomed by villagers lining the roads, and everyone delved deep into the ancient tea gardens for inspection.


This year marks the 16th anniversary of Chen Sheng Tea and our 16th year of partnership with Lao Ban Zhang Village. On November 25th,2023, the "Chen Sheng Tea 16th Anniversary Celebration and New Product Launch" will be grandly held in Ningbo, Zhejiang. At this grand event, we will look back on the 16-year development journey of our village-enterprise cooperation.


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