2023 Yin Ban Zhang Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Sourcing from Ban Zhang
Blended (Multi-Region)
Tea tree over 100 years

"Yin Ban Zhang" is a classic tea product of the Ban Zhang series by Chen Sheng Hao. It is made from arbor trees aged from 100 to 300 years in the Ban Zhang tea area of Menghai, Yunnan, and is meticulously blended. Among the Ban Zhang series, Yin Ban Zhang is highly admired by many tea lovers due to its outstanding quality and relatively high-cost performance.

The shape of Yin Ban Zhang is a round, full cake with tightly-knit and intact strips, showcasing the excellent tea-making process. After brewing, the tea soup is clear, and the tea aroma is pure and melodious. Upon tasting, it has low bitterness and astringency but with quick huigan, strong chaqi, and the body feel is noticeable. Furthermore, after more than ten infusions, the color, aroma, and taste are still enduring, and the aftertaste is lingering and long-lasting, demonstrating the superior quality of Yin Ban Zhang.

In summary, Yin Ban Zhang has the unique flavor of the arbor trees typical of the Ban Zhang series tea, excellent quality, and high-cost performance, making it a top choice for tea lovers. If you enjoy Ban Zhang tea tasting, Yin Ban Zhang is undoubtedly a good tea not to be missed.

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