2024 An Kang Ripe Pu-erh Tea (Dragon Boat Festival Special)

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Sourcing from Yunnan
Blended (Multi-Region)
Tea tree over 100 years

Product Features:

  • Unique Shape: The Tuocha has a round surface with a concave center at the bottom, resembling a steamed bun, making it highly distinctive. The creation of Yunnan Tuocha dates back to 1902 (the 28th year of Emperor Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty), originally designed for convenient long-distance transportation and long-term storage.
  • Rare Premium: Among the annual product range of Chen Sheng Hao, Tuocha is rare, and the "Ankang" Tuocha is a refreshing addition with its unique shape, making it a standout Pu-erh tea.
  • Festive Gift Box: Comes with an exquisite gift box, featuring hand-drawn illustrations with dragon boats as the main element, complemented by zongzi (rice dumplings), mountains, and water, embodying a strong Dragon Boat Festival atmosphere. The product name symbolizes happiness and health, making it a high-quality, meaningful, and visually appealing festive tea gift!

Diverse Options:

To meet different needs, "Ankang" is specially made into two types: raw tea and ripe tea. You can choose the appropriate tea based on the preferences of the tea drinker, making the tea gift more considerate and thoughtful.

  • Raw Puerh:

    With a high fragrance, sweet and refreshing taste, and delicate texture, it feels like a clear spring awakening the taste buds.

  • Ripe Puerh:

    Rich in aged aroma, the tea soup is red, thick, and bright with an oily texture, offering a mellow and smooth taste.


Dragon Boat Festival Background:

The Dragon Boat Festival has a long history and rich connotations. It is a major folk festival that integrates worshiping gods and ancestors, praying for blessings and warding off evil spirits, entertainment, and food, and is known as one of China's four major traditional festivals alongside the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival. Nowadays, people express their blessings through mutual gift-giving.

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