2023 Wang Nian Raw Pu-erh Tea (Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Edition)

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Sourcing from Yunnan
Blended (Multi-Region)
Tea tree over 100 years

"Wang Nian" Raw Puerh Tea — A friendship beyond age, a tea for true confidants

In the grand scheme of life, bonding over tea is a pure delight. Around the tea table, like-minded individuals come together, unconstrained by age or status, forming friendships that transcend time with hearts full of sincerity. In honor of these genuine bonds, we named this tea "Wang Nian" (Friendship Beyond Age), as a tribute to all sincere spirits and true friendships.


Exquisite Design, Convenient Enjoyment

These tea cakes have been innovatively pressed into a "chocolate-style" shape, making them both beautiful and practical, ready to brew with just a snap. Each piece weighs 7 grams, the perfect amount for a sublime tea experience, allowing you to enjoy a convenient tea time whether you're at home, on a journey, or in the office.


Superior Quality, Endless Aftertaste

This tea boasts a rich and lasting fragrance, with a moderate astringency followed by a strong, sweet aftertaste, a full-bodied taste that is favored by many tea masters and experienced tea enthusiasts alike. It not only adds a splash of elegance to your life but also warms the hearts of you and your friends, standing as a beautiful testament to friendship.


Wang Nian Fine Tea, Friendship Endures

Let "Wang Nian" premium mountain tea become a beautiful commemoration of your friendship, witnessing each heartfelt encounter and warm moment.

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