2023 Sheng Yun Raw Pu-erh Tea (100g)

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Sourcing from Yunnan
Blended (Multi-Region)
Tea tree over 100 years

Introducing "Sheng Yun" Raw Pu'erh Tea from Chen Sheng Hao — a tribute to the traditional flavors and charm of Menghai tea. Every sip of Pu'erh offers a journey, starting with its distinct taste, evolving to understand its essence, and culminating in the appreciation of its unique 'yun' or charm. The term 'yun' captures the essence of a tea's character, from the lingering aftertaste to its aromatic and throat sensations.

Carefully crafted by the founder of Chen Sheng Hao, "Sheng Yun" emphasizes the taste profile of the Menghai region. Sourced from fresh leaves of arboreal tea trees over 100 years old at altitudes over 1800 meters, combined with one-year-aged tea materialsevery aspect speaks of its impeccable quality. The tea leaves are tightly knitted, and the cake showcases a refined surface sprinkled with fine hairs. Its aroma? Pure, uplifting, echoing the wilderness of the mountains.

Making its debut in 2010, the "Sheng Yun" variants include a 100g cake in its inaugural year, followed by a 400g version in 2011, and settling with a 357g specification in 2012 and 2013. The 2023 version is back to 100g per cake.

To fully embrace its essence, ensure you follow the recommended brewing guidelines. Dive into the world of "Sheng Yun", and indulge in an unmatched sensory experience that promises lasting pleasure."

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