2023 Mi Jing Raw Pu-erh Tea (Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Edition)

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Sourcing from Yunnan
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Tea tree over 100 years

"Mi Jing" Raw Pu'er Tea - Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Edition

In anticipation of the warm Mid-Autumn Festival, we are proud to present the "Mi Jing" Pu'er Tea, exclusively crafted from specially selected "sweet tea" leaves from large trees. Each waft of its fragrance resembles the sweetness of honey, providing an endless aftertaste that graces your palate.


Unique Shape, Convenient Enjoyment:

These tea cakes are innovatively pressed into a "chocolate-like" shape, making it easy to break and brew. Each piece weighs 7g, which is the perfect amount for a wonderful tea infusion, facilitating a more convenient tea-drinking experience whether you're at home, traveling, or in the office.


Superior Quality, Refreshes the Spirit:

Boasting a bright green-yellow hue, the tea releases a lasting high fragrance that rejuvenates the spirit. Each sip is refreshingly sweet, leaving a remarkable smooth and sweet aftertaste, bringing you endless enjoyment.


The Perfect Gift, Expressing Affection:

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, let the "Mi Jing" Pu'er Tea warm the world. Whether you are visiting relatives and friends or gathering with family, a serving of sweet tea can double the happiness of these precious moments. When you are gazing at the moon or in solitude, the "Mi Jing" sweet Pu'er keeps you company, naturally doubling the sweetness of the moment.

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