2023 Lao Ban Zhang (Hou Pin) Raw Pu-erh Tea - 1000g

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Sourcing from Lao Ban Zhang
Pure (Single-Region)
Tea tree over 300 years

The name "Hou Pin" reflects the profound meaning and rich, full-bodied taste of the tea. The play on numbers, with "3" sounding like "上 (up)" in Chinese, symbolizes a thriving and upward momentum, echoing the concept of "all things are born from three," suggesting a never-ending source of energy. The sum of "333" equals "9," representing nobility.

Made with Single-origin Tea Leaves

This tea is crafted from select materials, specifically chosen from the third and fourth leaves of the ancient tea trees in Lao Ban Zhang Village. These mature, robust leaves, combined with precise timing and artisanal skill, result in a tea with distinctive aroma, taste, and aftertaste. It is incredibly long-lasting in brewing, growing sweeter with each cup. As the leaves age, their woody fibers increase, enhancing the sugar content. After numerous brews, the fibers fully unfold, releasing sugars that, under the action of salivary amylase, produce a sweet taste.

Tea Liquor & Taste

The "Lao Ban Zhang Hou Pin" tea is rich in woody fibers and pectin content, making it ideal for stewing to highlight its thick, sweet, and moist texture, accompanied by a sweet and enduring aftertaste. Packaged in a 1kg heavy brick, it comes in an exclusive gift box with a velvet texture, each set warmed by the inclusion of a beautifully detailed "Collection Manual" that presents the product's information.

The tea's rugged appearance and perfectly balanced compression yield a bright yellow soup with a rich, lasting aroma. Its flavor is intensely sweet and refreshingly quick to revive the palate, followed by a persistent aftertaste. The leaves, plump and mature, boast high durability for multiple brews, underlining the tea's value and substantial quantity.

The Ecological Environment of Lao Ban Zhang Ancient Tea Gardens

Lao Ban Zhang, located in China's Yunnan Province, is famous for its premium Raw Pu-erh tea. This rare and highly sought-after tea is known for its exceptional quality, unique flavor, and bold, mellow earthy taste. Its limited production contributes to its high price, making Lao Ban Zhang one of the most expensive teas globally and earning it the title "King of Pu'er tea."

The ancient Chinese saying "高山云雾出好茶" highlights that high-altitude areas with thick mountain mist produce better tea. Lao Ban Zhang village, with its diverse ecological vegetation, abundant sunshine, and fog, is particularly suitable for ancient tea tree growth.

Villagers have followed traditional methods of manual cultivation, hand-picking leaves, and sun-drying since ancient times. Lao Ban Zhang Pu-erh tea is produced without inorganic fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals, making it a pure, natural, pollution-free, and ecologically original tea.

Reliable Source of Lao Ban Zhang Materials

In 2007, Mr. Chen Shenghe founded Menghai Chen Sheng Tea Co. and created the Chen Sheng Hao Pu-erh tea brand. Following the 2007 Pu-erh tea market bubble burst, the company and Lao Ban Zhang village signed a 30-year agreement to create the "Chen Sheng Lao Ban Zhang" collection, benefiting both parties by ensuring a stable income for villagers and a unique advantage for the company. 

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