2023 Hua Zhu Liang Zi Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Sourcing from Hua Zhu Liang Zi
Pure (Single-Region)
Tea tree over 200 years

 "Hua Zhu Liang Zi" (滑竹梁子) Tea Mountain is located in Menghai County, Mengsong Township, in the western part of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China. With an altitude of 2,429.5 meters, it is the highest peak in the region and is known as the "Roof of Xishuangbanna" and the "Summit of Xishuangbanna."

The name comes from the large area of smooth wild bamboo that grows on the mountain, which locals call "Hua Zhu" (slip bamboo). In the local language, the highest mountain range is called "Liang Zi," so the mountain is named "Hua Zhu Liang Zi."

Hua Zhu Liang Zi ancient trees come from tea gardens in eight villages, including Baotang, Banglong, and Bameong, inhabited by the Hani, Lahu, and Han ethnic groups. The area is characterized by year-round mist, abundant rainfall, and a subtropical climate. The region is part of the Nabanh River Basin National Nature Reserve, which ensures excellent protection of the natural ecosystem. Ancient tea gardens, forests, and grasslands form a harmonious natural environment, with tea trees free from pests and diseases, eliminating the need for chemical treatments.

The total tea garden area of Hua Zhu Liang Zi is approximately 1,800 mu (about 296.5 acres), with altitudes ranging from 1,650 to 2,100 meters. Due to the large area of bamboo groves, Hua Zhu Liang Zi Pu'er tea has a unique flavor.

Its sweetness surpasses that of many other Pu'er tea, with a fragrant, lingering aroma and an aftertaste that lingers on the lips and teeth. The higher altitude of the region results in a rich content of sugars, starches, and other non-structural carbohydrates, giving the tea a brisk and sweet taste. Hua Zhu Liang Zi Pu'er tea has a strong honey aroma in cup, with a sweet, soft, and powerful taste. When brewed longer, the bitterness becomes more pronounced, with a slight astringency and a long-lasting sweet aftertaste.

The fragrance of the newly pressed tea is immediately noticeable, and the flavor becomes richer over time, with a focus on sweetness and refreshing coolness. Upon savoring the tea, one can feel its strong energy, smooth texture, and lingering fragrance. In particular, the moment it touches the tongue, the sweetness feels so natural, as if one is enveloped in a sea of flowers.

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