2023 Chen Sheng Kong Que Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Sourcing from Yunnan
Blended (Multi-Region)
Tea tree over 300 years

Exceptional Selection, Crafted with Care, Superior Taste

"Chen Sheng Kong Que" (Peacock) is made from old tree tea leaves with age over 300 years, meticulously crafted by tea artisans with over fifty years of experience. It has become a new classic in the Chinese pu-erh tea industry. Ancient tree tea is of exceptional quality and rarity, a precious gift from nature. 

"Chen Sheng Kong Que" is produced in small quantities with exceptional quality; its young tea is delicious, and its aged tea is even more worth looking forward to.


Rich in Meaning, Symbolizing Good Fortune

The peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in nature, with its graceful form, green crown, and gorgeous feathers. It is considered a bird of good fortune and holds a prestigious symbol in both Eastern and Western cultures. "Chen Sheng Kong Que" is not just a high-end old tree tea product but also embodies good fortune and auspicious blessings, making it a perfect gift for distinguished individuals.


The Best of the Best, Rare and Precious

Chen Sheng Hao focuses on core tea resource areas, owning four bases in Laobanzhang, Nannuo Mountain, Naka, and Yiwu, collaborating with tea farmers over thousands of acres of ancient tea gardens. The deep-rooted old tree tea absorbs nutrients and trace elements from deep within the soil. Trees around 300 years old are miracles of life and treasures of pu-erh tea. "Chen Sheng Kong Que" selects only the best, using ancient tree tea leaves over 300 years old to create an exquisite tea that excites the palate.


Superior Taste, Every Cup an Exquisite Experience

Ancient tree tea absorbs the essence of nature and the essence of the sun and moon, growing for over 300 years. The dried leaves are dark and glossy with dense silvery hairs. The tea soup is bright green-yellow, with a thick and mellow taste, a significant sweet aftertaste, and a long-lasting fragrance in the cup. The strong "chaqi" and endless aftertaste can impress even the most discerning palates.


Superior Tea, Feel the Warmth of Craftsmanship

The extraordinary selection of materials is the prerequisite for the ultimate taste of "Chen Sheng Kong Que." The fifty-plus years of craftsmanship are key to realizing the flavor value of high-mountain old tree tea. In today's fast-paced life and the prevalence of mechanized mass production, craftsmanship is a valuable social asset. Tea is an ancient traditional drink in China, and "Chen Sheng Kong Que" insists on craftsmanship, achieving its outstanding quality.


Enjoying New Tea is a Pleasure, Collecting Tea is a Hobby

Due to the post-fermentation quality characteristics, pu-erh tea is called a "drinkable antique" by tea enthusiasts. "Chen Sheng Kong Que" has been recognized and appreciated by consumers in the market for its exceptional selection and craftsmanship.


Dried Leaves

Plump and tightly rolled tea leaves with dense buds.


Tea Soup

Clear and bright, with rich layers of floral, fruity, and woody aromas emerge.


Bold and balanced, with a significant sweet aftertaste and strong "chaqi".


Infused Leaves

Tender, uniform, clean, lively, and full.

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