2023 Chen Pi Ripe Pu-erh Tea (Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Edition)

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Sourcing from Yunnan
Blended (Multi-Region)
Tea tree over 100 years

Chen Pi Ripe Pu'er Tea - A Delightful Brew of Time

The imprints of time, coupled with the skilled craftsmanship, give this special Pu'er tea with tangerine peel an unparalleled mellow and rich flavor. 

Selected 10-year-aged ripe Pu'er and dried tangerine peel from the core production area of Xinhui, Guangdong. It is ideal for instant drinking or later transformation.

Originating from Xinhui, Guangdong, this famous Chinese tangerine peel production area has a history spanning centuries, ensuring quality. Here, the tangerine peel expands generously, with abundant oil cells, exuding an intoxicating aroma, a quality and reputation that has been renowned since the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Expert Craftsmanship, Outstanding Quality

Craftsmen from Chen Sheng Hao have over half a century of tea-making experience. After hundreds of experiments and tastings, they've perfected the ideal blend ratio of citrus peel and mature Pu'er. This tea possesses not only the robust aroma and sweet flavor of the citrus peel but also the gentle and profound taste of mature Pu'er. Both the tangerine peel and Pu'er have undergone ten years of aging, further enriching their flavors.


Thoughtful Packaging, Convenient Enjoyment

We've prepared a delicately designed gift box for you. Each small box showcases hand-drawn gold-stamped patterns, reflecting high craftsmanship. The "chocolate-style" pressing makes it easy to break and brew, each weighing 6g, offering effortless enjoyment whether at home, on the go, or in the office.


Rich Taste, Captivating Sensation

This tea presents a seductively deep red color, with a fresh aroma paired with a rich aged scent. The honey-sweet taste and mellow mouthfeel provide endless delight. Initially slightly bitter on the palate, it soon unfolds into a thick, rich, and smooth flavor, deeply refreshing and satisfying.

Let this ripe Pu'er with tangerine peel stand as a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and the passage of time, condensing 3,650 days of prolonged aging into a cup of "mellow and rich" delight presented to you.

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