2023 Chen Pi Sheng Xiang Ripe Pu-erh Tea

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Sourcing from Yunnan
Blended (Multi-Region)
Tea tree over 100 years

A unique blend of tradition and flavor, our 2023 Chen Pi Sheng Xiang ripe Puerh tea is crafted from large-leaf tea and Chenpi (tangerine peel), both undergoing 10 years of professional warehousing and aging. The pile-fermentation taste has vanished, leaving a rich and mellow flavor that harmonizes with the fruity Chenpi.


Crafted from 10 years aged ripe Puer and 10 years aged “Chenpi”. Both Chenpi and ripe Pu'er share the characteristic of improving with age under suitable conditions, allowing for long-term preservation. A taste that grows richer over time! 

Perfect Balance

After a hundred repeated adjustments on blending recipes, the golden ratio of taste between tea and Chenpi has been achieved. Evenly pressed into cakes, these ingredients unite in harmony, ensuring the optimal taste in every steep. A blend refined to perfection! 

Pure Quality

A green and healthy tea, free from any additives. Savor the richness and aroma that only pure, natural ingredients can offer. A genuine connection to the earth in each sip! 


Dry Leaves: The Chenpi strips are uniform and integrated with the tea, pressed just right for an exquisite look and feel. 

Tea Liquor: Enjoy the fresh, honey-sweet aroma, rich aged fragrance, and tempting deep red color. 

Taste: A slight bitterness gives way to a thick, moist, full-bodied, mellow, smooth, and refreshing experience. 

Infused Leaves: Even and clean, with lustrous and plump Chenpi, and robust tea leaves. 

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