2020 Black Tea Ye Wang Dianhong

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Sourcing from Feng Qing, Yunnan
Pure (Single-Region)

Product Introduction 

“DIAN FENG-Ye Wang" is a high-end black tea under the "Chen Sheng Hong" brand. It selected the fresh leaves of wild "Da Ye Zhong" (large-leaf variety) tea trees over 800 years old at an altitude of over 2,000 meters in Fengqing County. Fresh leaves were plucked from "Dan Zhu", which means “Single Bush” in English, referring to the black tea that is exclusively made of the single and a selected tea tree. "Dan Zhu" is only collected from ancient tea trees aged about a few hundred years old, giving a very distinctive taste and character. 


Select "Dan Zhu" from wild “Da Ye Zhong” ancient tea trees that are more than 800 years old in the core production area of Fengqing

Dried Leaves Appearance

Pitch-black, clean


Pine smoky, longan, caramel, long-lasting


Bright yellow in color


Fruity, brisk, sweet, silky, mouth-filling, quick and long lasting huigan  

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