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2020 Chen Sheng Yin Ji Raw Pu-erh Tea

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For more than ten years, Chen Sheng Hao produced many classic products that have been remembered by tea enthusiasts. "Chen Sheng Yin Ji" was one of those products that demonstrated important events that happened in the Chen Sheng Hao tea industry. It was more like a "photo album of time" for Chen Sheng Hao rather than just a tea cake. "Chen Sheng Yin Ji" has been produced in 2020 to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Chen Sheng Tea Industry.

"Chen Sheng Yin Ji" is a set that contains a tea brick (600g) and a tea cake (357g). The brick picks tea leaves that are stored for 3-5 years. The cake picks tea leaves from Xi Shuang Ban Na tea mountain this year (2020). Both of them are crafted by Shenghe Chen carefully. According to the age of the tea leaves, the brick is "old" and the cake is "new", which represents the connection of the past and the future. The hidden meaning behind it is to open up a beautiful chapter in the future for your life.

Cake: The color of the tea soup is light yellow and transparent. The aroma is rich and the smell is long-lasting. You can feel the softness and sweetness of the tea soup when you have your first sip.

Brick: The color of the tea soup is dark yellow, brown, and transparent. The aroma is strong and rich. The first sip of the tea soup is bitter, but you can feel the sweetness right after that.

Product Details

Raw Pu'er (Sheng Pu'er)
Quantity & Shape 1 Tea Cake + 1 Tea Brick
Weight 357g +600g (957g in total)
Harvest Year 2020
Tea Source Blended (Multi-Region)
Age of Tea Trees > 100 years
Harvest Area
Yunnan Province, China
Tea Factory Menghai Chensheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
Water Ratio Every 7g tea leaves served with 120ml water
Temperature 203°F  ~ 212°F (95°C ~ 100°C) 


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