What is Lao Ban Zhang Pu-erh tea?

Tea lovers usually refer Lao Ban Zhang (老班章) as the King of raw Pu'er tea. Its flavour is powerful and complex which is bitter with a sweet aftertaste. Tea lovers often describe the taste of Lao Ban Zhang as dominant (霸). 

(2020, Lao Ban Zhang, 125g tea cake)

Lao Ban Zhang is named after the village that produces the leaves of this tea. Lao Ban Zhang Village is located in BuLang Mountain (布朗山), Xishuang Banna (西双版纳, Yunnan, China. The earliest record on the village’s tea production can be traced back to 1476.

(2015, Group photo with Aini minority in front of Chensheng Tea Co., Ltd)

The village is situated in the 1700m - 1900m high mountain area. The average yearly temperature is 18.7°C. For almost half of the entire year, the mountainous area of Lao Ban Zhang village is surrounded with fog. 

(Tea leaves picker in Lao Ban Zhang) 

The tea trees grow in the jungle, they co-exist with other wild plants in the jungle, and therefore they are not polluted by any pesticide or chemical fertilizer. The farmers manage and take care of these trees in their traditional ways. Up until today, they still pick tea leaves following the traditional method passed down from their ancestors.

(Gu Shu/ Ancient Tea Tree)

In 2008, Mr. Chen Sheng He identified the value of tea in Lao Ban Zhang village. He signed contracts with the villagers, from then onwards Chen Sheng Tea Co., Ltd became the major buyer of Lao Ban Zhang tea raw material. Since then, most of Lao Ban Zhang tea, whether compressed into cake size or bricks, were manufactured and branded by Chen Sheng Tea Co., Ltd. 


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